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Cultural association "Aufschrei"

The challenge

The cultural association "Aufschrei" needs to be present on the internet to reach out to as many people as possible for giving them cultural life updates. A unique style and coherent design language would improve their presentation and make sure people recognize the association immediately. It would also make it easier to produce content with many people being involved.

The problems

The logo always changed a bit since the association exists and never went to a steady one.
There are many different platforms used and not each of them gets updates.
The members of the association either do not have much time to care or do not know anything about Design.

Poster Designs with the old logo and completely different styles

Task no. 1

Get the logo to a final and forever state

Changing a logo, even for a freetime club, never does any good, as people won't get used to a new logo every time it is changed. They just get confused and do not relate different symbols to the same association.
There was already a new logo draft, made by a member of Aufschrei, so I asked for the vector files and started to finalize the artwork in a way it works and looks like a brand that doesn't need changes for the next centuries. Therefor I adapted the kerning of the font and the line height of the graphic in a way it completes each other and doesn't look like two different things anymore. The logo was needed for the print of our fresh T-Shirts, so I showed it to the rest of the team on a T-Shirt mockup to get the Okay from all of them.


Because the logo is pretty wide, we also defined an icon to be used when there is need for a more compact symbol. As the circular saw blade became an important symbol for the association due to our big concert event in the old carpentry, it occurs both in the logo and the icon. The 30°-angle of the divison got big potential to reoccur in the content design later on.

Task no. 2

Analyse current usage of online communication and rank the most important platforms

The cultural association uses many different online platforms to communicate the more or the less with the world wide web. A quick analysis shows that not all of them got a big impact or much attention, be it from a visitor's perspective or from the side of the club members.

To be able to present the cultural association in one style, all of the used platforms need a visual update. Those showing the biggest scope when it comes to content sharing, get a deeper look. The analysis shows that the best ranking communication tools are the instagram account, facebook and the website. As facebook is mainly used by people of a higher age than the age of our target group, we try to focus more on instagram and use its content for facebook.

A look at the instagram account shows that it has been used by various members in various ways.

Task no. 3

Set basic corporate style elements

Next to a memorable logo you also need some colors, fonts and layout rules. Before defining those, the three design-affine club members met in an online meeting and decided on the categories needed for future postings. Many ideas came up and the most realistic ones got noted to get done by a certain date. By starting to create first layouts for instagram posts I tried out how many colors might be combined to get the most flexible template for a minimum of 4 different categories: information post, event announcement, image post, cooperation post. After further tryouts and online meetings we decided on the following basic style elements:

4 Colors, 1 Font family

Soft pastel pink, smart dark Blue, brave Red, bright Purple, Montserrat
Task no. 4

Present new styles to the team

During lockdown era the Aufschrei team could only meet online, so we used one of these sessions to show the new Design strategy to the rest of the active team members in a short presentation. Our master of web, Markus, updated the website according to the new design and showed it in a staging status to everybody not involved yet. The team enthusiastically approved the visual plans and discussed further steps to make them happen online.

Mockup of the new instagram account to present it within the organization

Task no. 5

Create templates and an Aufschrei team in Canva

Together with the Aufschrei members with graphical knowledge we start to update all the platforms with the essentials such as the new logo and color scheme.

As I already have set up a Canva account I create some templates of the well-defined categories there and invite the graphic peepz to the new Aufschrei team in Canva. We discuss the start of posting and what kind of postings will be next. Once the new design got tested in practice, we can think about giving a workshop to the rest of the association members, so that more people can be in charge of the social media accounts, and not only the three of us.

Task no. 6

Start posting and sharing content in the new visual language

Finally, after all this presets, we could let the fun begin and tell the world what's new. We start sharing with our new logo in the colors of our new corporate design and let the digital world have a look at what we did during pandemic season in our homes.

Aufschrei even uses twitter


If there's many people working together, forming small groups of experts to start creating makes the obligatory difference

Working in big teams, such as a cultural association, that doesn't work for profit, but for fun, brings the opportunity to endless ideas and inspiration, but also the danger that almost all of those ideas never happen for real – or they do, and look very diverse and detached every time. To make sure to bring long-lasting changes for the whole online presentation of the association it needed a small team of experts, in vivid exchange with each other and in a less regularly but more general exchange with the rest of the big bunch of people to keep everybody and everything on track. Getting lost in ideas within a smaller group of people brings up new opportunities that can get translated into realistic projects quickly and efficient.